Little Micah Frazenburg (21 months) has a sparkle in his eyes that speaks of big dreams and even bigger adventures. Micah, his mom Lolita and dad Marius where photographed by the talented Maree Louw from Natural Light Photography a few months ago and we are thrilled to be able to share a glimpse of the love these three share with this beautiful family photo shoot.

“Micah is a typical boy – very energetic and always busy,” says his mom, Lolita. “He’s a curious little guy and loves to explore new things but with a bit of caution at first. He’s also very strong-willed and his favourite word of the moment is ‘NO’!”


What’s Lolita’s favourite part of motherhood? “Right now I love seeing my little baby developing into a little person with his own personality. Becoming a parent has taught me what unconditional love really is.”


“After turning one it just seemed as if Micah was growing up so fast. There was something new happening almost every day, so we wanted to capture him at that age and also get some professional photos of us as a family. We plan to do it on a regular basis as it’s a great way to capture special family moments that will be treasured forever.”
Lolita says Maree made her family feel completely at ease in front of the camera.
“I also loved the fact that we did an outdoor shoot and all the photos were natural and not posed – it felt as if we went for a walk in the forest and someone just happened to take pictures!”


Maree’s portraits of children always seem to capture their personalities perfectly.
“I love the unpredictability of small kids, and the fact that they don’t know how to say ‘cheese’ yet. I really love it when the kids are just themselves, play and forget that I am even there.”
She thinks everyone should consider having family photographs taken.
“Being a mom myself I know how precious every stage is, and photos are such a perfect way to capture and hold on to the moments and memories. You will never regret having done a photo shoot, but you could regret not having done one.”


Maree has a few tips to make your little one’s co-operate in front of the camera:
“It is very important for mom and dad to be relaxed and happy. Nervous parents = nervous kids. As a parent I have seen every kind of tantrum and know kids are just being kids, so relax, let them play! Somewhere in between I always manage to get the shot.
On a practical note, bring along a favourite toy, snacks, water and a change of clothes for the whole family.”

Images by Natural Light Photography – thank you for sharing!


Riëtte van der Wat

I have adored stories since I was a little girl - from the weird and wonderful characters of Roald Dahl, to the sweet innocence of fairy tales. Fictional tales ignited a curiosity to know more about living, breathing folk and to write their stories. In the meantime, I developed an interest in how parents can help little people grow up to fill their grown-up shoes with ease. I am also passionate about pretty, can't get enough of my dad's garden on a blue sky day, enjoy good food (especially my mom's), can't live without a cuppa (or two) in the morning and would be a speck in the universe without the people I Iove.