A nursing blanket does not have to be boring and drab, not if you invest in a Boobi Blanki! This is another fantastic product we saw at the MamaMagic expo at the end of last year. We chatted to Sally Böttger, the lady behind the blanki, about this darling product.

“I was at the baby clinic with my third baby and I never enjoyed the reaction that all three of my precious babies had with their injections. My way of comforting them was to quickly latch them on for extra comfort. During this particular visit my poor darling was beyond herself with pain (I usually used to wrap a normal blanket into my bra strap as I personally found other nursing items too cumbersome preventing me from seeing what I was doing or I would end up ‘injuring’ them with weighted bits!) and I could not get boob out quick enough!


“This was the drama that followed: baby pulled blanket off and I was left exposed to the entire clinic! Sure duty calls but I was either going to find something that worked or make it myself! Had to save at least a little bit of dignity if I was going to do this third time round in all sorts of public places! In the end I couldn’t find anything that fitted what I had in mind so off I went to the drawing board and Boobi Blanki was born!”


Boobi Blanki’s are made from 100% cotton and according to Sally it has an extra edge for busy nursing moms.

“Boobi Blanki is designed for moms to easily clip the nursing blanket to their bra or top which enables them to see what they are doing & allow their babies to breathe. I designed my blankets with the purpose to give moms the confidence to nurse in public or among family and friends but yet look stylish and chic. Our blankets are super soft and can be used as a swaddling blanket or as an out and about blanket as well.”


Boobi Blanki is available in two designs: The Polka Range (large polka spots) that come in three colours: Peach, Turquoise and Grey and the Stripe Range (bold candy stripes) that come in three colours: Pink, Blue and Stone.


Sally is very excited to grow her company.

“I have expanded already by making some Boobi Blanki Newborn Gift Packs (which includes a Boobi Blanki, drool blanki and newborn beanie) and bedroom bunting but my idea is to add to this by the means of Newborn baby products such as onesies, booties and newborn accessories.

“My plan for Boobi Blanki in the long run is to ‘create a community’ for new moms or second or third time moms whereby they have a better understanding of the many facets and demands of breastfeeding as well as coping with motherhood in all Her glory!”


One lucky MamaLlama can win their very own Boobi Blanki (a peach or turquoise polka dot blanki). All you have to do is like Boobi Blanki’s Facebook page, like BabaLlama’s Facebook page and comment on this post about why you want to win and if you want peach or turquoise blanki. Remember to give us your name and an email address so we can contact you if you are a winner. Competition closes next week Wednesday (19 March).



Thanks to Sally Böttger for sharing the info and images in today’s post.

Karla Janse van Vuuren

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