Adorable little Micah Janse van Vuuren’s newborn shoot by the talented Simone Franzel from Simone Franzel Photography made us “ooh” and “aah”.





Mom Chantal Janse van Vuuren says the photos were taken on 17 January, big brother Daniel’s second birthday, at their home in Linden, Johannesburg. Dad Albert was also there, of course, and Micah Schalk was only 10 days old at the time.



“Babies grow up so quickly and then the ‘baby phase’ is over forever. With Daniel I didn’t feel able to do a newborn shoot but later I regretted not taking proper photos of him as a newborn. I am so glad we could to the shoot this time around. The photoshoot was a baby shower gift – all my friends contributed to it.”




“We felt very comfortable with Simone. I looked at a few photographers’ blogs but Simone’s immediately caught my eye and I loved that her photos are so natural. She really captures the personality of the family she photographs and that is exactly what I wanted. I’m so happy with our photos!”



Simone says she is never more in awe of the almighty God then when she is doing a newborn session. “I get a glimpse of the beautiful relationship that already exist between the newly formed family – the feeling of protective love, the respectful amazement, such beautiful tender moments between parent and child – and even though I am mainly a wedding photographer – as long as I own a camera, I will continue to document newborns and families.”




“I am a strong believer that a baby’s name carries with it a deeper meaning that gets spoken over that person every time he or she is called by name. I love the name Micah – not only because it is out of the ordinary but it means ‘Who is like God?’ in Hebrew…how wonderful.”





“I like to capture babies in their natural habitat – at home. While mom Chantal was feeding Micah, dad Albert was playing with two year old Daniel – throwing him high up in the air – that is what I like most, families just doing what they do.”





Thanks so much to Simone Franzel for sharing the photos, and to Chantal Janse van Vuuren for telling us more about them. Visit Simone’s Facebook page here for more info about her photography.

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