Poogy Bear was started out of a passion for baby clothes and today the lady behind the adorable baby wear range, Stephanie Grant, tells us a bit more about her company.


“I have an Honours degree in Bsc Property studies but when I graduated unfortunately the property bubble had burst. My aunt has a shop and said that I could help her there until I found a job. It was at that time that I realised that the baby industry was the one for me.


“My father, who is a self made man, came home one evening and said: ‘If you want to do it lets do it! I’ll be your silent partner.’ We decided then and there that it would be called Poogy Bear (my childhood nickname) and off I went. I had no sewing or design knowledge so I took up a sewing class and started researching. After many trips to strange places all over the country as well as some expensive mistakes I found my suppliers and cmt factory and off we went. Our first showing to the public was at the Baba Indaba at the end of 2010 and it has grown exponentially from there,” says Stephanie.


“My products are made from 100% cotton. We use cotton because it moderates the baby’s body temperature and makes them the most comfortable. At the moment our fabric is woven in Cape Town, I then design the prints and it is printed there and then the garments are manufactured in Johannesburg. We are constantly looking for new suppliers and fabrics to make the best quality products.”



“I think our unique prints, classic designs and high quality finishes are what makes Poogy Bear that brand it is today. Our customers also have a great appreciation that the product is made in South Africa, thus creating jobs along the way.”



“As we do an infant range (new born to 18 months) we make sure that our fabric, trim and design take into consideration the comfort needed for sensitive little bodies. We also have a great focus on ease of putting the garments on, especially for new mums and fussy babies. While trying to design cute fresh designs it is very important that they also need to be practical.”



“Poogy Bear is currently a wholesaler. We supply boutiques, gift stores, baby stores and online sites. We hope to grow to become a recognised brand that people associate with quality. The future is very exciting as there are lots of different directions the business can go in. We will just have to wait and see.”




Thanks so much to Stephanie Grant for sharing these adorable photos and for telling us more about Poogy Bear. The baby wear in the photos are from the new winter range. Click here to read more about Poogy Bear.

Karla Janse van Vuuren

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