Little Olivia’s Christening was so special, says photographer Simone Franzel from Simone Franzel Photography who captured the precious moments of the day. Today we share her beautiful photos and mom Eska Claire tells us a bit more about the big day.




“It was a high tea hosted at Rosemary Hill, so from the start I knew it was going to be beautiful.
The ceremony was a deeply personal event, the pastor spoke about Olivia’s name, the olive tree and the meaning of promise. Olivia’s parents both spoke blessings and prayers over her life, making their promise to God – after that family and friends got the chance to say something. It was really intimate and it touched the deepest part of my heart. I wiped my eyes more than once,” says Simone.




“After praying and believing for a little miracle for a long time we were blessed with a bundle of joy called Olivia Claire,” says mom Eska.




“Our happiness knows no bounds and we want to experience and remember every day with Olivia for the rest of our lives. Apart from our close relationship with Simone (from Simone Franzel Photography), she is a very talented and gifted photographer. We love her style and approach, Simone makes us feel comfortable and natural – we know that she is able to capture the emotion with each photo, and that is what is important to us. Not only to have a photograph with faces, but to relive the moment and also experience the same emotions again. The christening is the third photo shoot in a series of ‘special moments’. First there was the maternity photo shoot, shortly followed by the first baby photo shoot. Then Olivia’s christening – such a beautiful and special day to dedicate this miracle to God.



“The christening of Olivia was a celebration for us as parents. We wanted to give thanks to God for blessing us with the gift of experiencing parenthood. He gave us the wonderful little girl to be our child and we are eternally grateful to Him. The day was also a testimony of His faithfulness. He answered our prayers, in His time and in His perfect way. Finally, it was a day to dedicate and commit our daughter to God. To make a promise to Him, with our family and closest friends as witnesses, that we will bring her up to know Him. That day we celebrated the beginning of a new life with all that are dear to us. It was such a special day, we will never forget it as long as we live.




“Rosemary Hill offers an authentic morning tea experience, our guests were treated to homemade lemonade on arrival followed by Biltong and Peppadew tartlets, savoury scones with blue cheese truffle, onion marmalade and air-dried tomato, chicken and spinach phyllo roll, smoked salmon avocado and chive roulade, teapot-shaped sandwiches all served on beautiful elevated tiers with freshly picked herbs and flowers from Rosemary Hill’s gardens. Then a fine selection of blended loose leaf teas were brought to the table in special glass tubes so that guests can experience the beautiful aromas before making a choice. The tea was served with the sweets which were Citrus Meringue, baked cheesecake topped with fresh berries, duo of Turkish Delight skewers and Opera Gateaux. Followed by Filter coffee and cappuccinos.






“The atmosphere that we wanted to create was relaxed, friendly country charm the flowers were very informal done by Olivia’s grandfather, Dries as if you had just walked through a field and picked flowers for the one you love. We used vintage children’s books to add a whimsical feel to the d├ęcor and photos of Olivia to add a personal touch to her special day. We also had live saxophone background music played by the brilliant Abbey Artico for ambiance.






“The best part of the day was the actual christening service done by a good friend Ds. Dolf Kruger, it was so heartfelt and personal, a rainbow moment that we will always remember.”




Thanks so much to Simone Franzel Photography for the beautiful images, and to Eska Claire for sharing out her little one’s special day!

Karla Janse van Vuuren

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