Today we share some of Lindi and Derrick Herbst’s beautiful maternity photos and some cute photos of their new born Leané.


“The photographers from Gilda Harris Photography, we used were the same that photographed our wedding three years ago,” says Lindi. “They are a married couple that started their business about five years ago. For the maternity shoot, Gilda was behind the lens, while Fred made sure we knew where and how to stand and also positioned the props. Basically, he just did what the boss (Gilda) ordered him to do! Some of the photos had to be taken from a different angle – this is the only photos Fred took, from the roof of his Land Rover.”


“Most of the photos were taken near a little church just of Beyers Naude, near Honeydew in Johannesburg. The photos of me in the ‘field’ of cosmos flowers were taken just opposite Avianto wedding venue. The funny thing is that it wasn’t a field of cosmos flowers – rather, it was only a little patch, but Fred took the photo in such a way that it looked like an entire field!”



“The shoot took place late afternoon with the sun not too far from setting. We know Fred and Gilda well, so it was a very relaxed photo shoot. Leané was very active in my tummy during the shoot – it was very special to me, since it felt as if she knew this shoot was in honor of her. The past few weeks were also a very busy time in our lives, so I really enjoyed spending some together time with Derrick. He’s not really keen on playing model and although he was a bit stiff initially, he started enjoying the shoot after a while.”



“We had been trying to conceive for 14 months, so when I found I was pregnant, I was really shocked and surprised, but elated! Derrick could also not believe that it had finally happened. I had a wonderful pregnancy – I was a bit nauseous from week 8 – 13, but after that I felt great. The only aversion I developed for the entire duration of my pregnancy was the one thing I loved most – coffee. I could not stand the sight, let alone the smell and taste, of coffee!”


“I’ve always enjoyed being active, so after the nausea subsided I was back in the gym. However, I had to adapt my exercise routine. I used to do hectic hour and a half spinning classes, but toned it down to 30 – 45 min classes. I think this really helped to keep my weight gain down to the minimum.
My baby bump only really started to show by month 5 – this was the highlight of the pregnancy for me! Now I didn’t look fat anymore, but pregnant! I was also lucky enough not to have had any stretch marks. So overall, I had a great pregnancy. However, I must add – the all-the-time-full-bladder feeling was the worst!”



“Lots of people think it’s unnecessary to have a maternity shoot, however, I felt that I wanted to have one. I’ve always loved photos. I’m a keen photographer and am usually the one taking photos at family gatherings etc. To me, memories are very important – time spent with loved ones, important events. And what better way of capturing it than with photos? We would like to have another child, but the photos of the maternity shoot was important so that we could capture another important memory. And of course show it to Leané some day so that she can see how Mommy looked with her inside my tummy.


“We decided to do the new born shoot, because we wanted to capture her being so little. She was 11 days old when the shoot took place. Gilda came to our house to take the photos. Fred helped set up, but didn’t take photos. The shoot took place late afternoon. As it is winter, we made sure her room was warm enough. However, it was the one afternoon she decided she wasn’t tired! Being so little, she usually sleeps a lot, but no, she wanted to be awake! I fed her and swaddled her, but nothing worked. So we decided to go ahead. It was a real challenge to get nice photos of her because she just didn’t want to lay still! Eventually, after about an hour, we decided to end the shoot and hope for the best. However, I am happy with the photos – one wouldn’t say that the little lady was a busy body during the shoot.”



“We really thought we were prepared for a baby, but I now believe that no one can never really be ready. Leané has changed our lives so much, but for the better, without a doubt. I still can’t believe how much joy such a small person brought into our lives.



I won’t lie, it hasn’t been easy – it’s really scary to be responsible for her well being. Initially, I couldn’t and didn’t sleep at night. Although she sleeps next to me in a Moses basket, I constantly checked that she hadn’t smothered or something. But after a few nights, I calmed down.
Derrick has fallen in love with his little girl. She loves sleeping on his chest and he just has a way with her – as soon as he holds her, she calms down and falls asleep. He’s still a bit scared to change a nappy or to bath her, but otherwise he helps out wherever he can.
I can’t imagine our lives without her now!


Thanks to Lindi Herbst for sharing about her pregnancy, and to Gilda Harris Photography for the photos.

Karla Janse van Vuuren

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