The couch is a pirate’s ship, the pool a mermaid’s palace. A table becomes a tent, that beautiful old tree in the garden an explorer’s treasure trove and a bedroom the perfect headquarters for a tiny adventurer! Today’s beautiful free printable, a room sign designed by Marnhe du Plooy from Moois en Meer Coterie, is the perfect fun extra for a little adventurer’s room.

You can download it in either English or Afrikaans.


Simply download the PDF document and follow Moois en Meer’s easy step by step instructions. There is an Afrikaans and English version to choose from.

Download the door sign here.

{Please keep in mind that the creative content, including the printable, featured in this post is the property of Moois en Meer Coterie and Baba Llama. It may only be printed for personal use and not for commercial purposes.}

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Riëtte van der Wat

I have adored stories since I was a little girl - from the weird and wonderful characters of Roald Dahl, to the sweet innocence of fairy tales. Fictional tales ignited a curiosity to know more about living, breathing folk and to write their stories. In the meantime, I developed an interest in how parents can help little people grow up to fill their grown-up shoes with ease. I am also passionate about pretty, can't get enough of my dad's garden on a blue sky day, enjoy good food (especially my mom's), can't live without a cuppa (or two) in the morning and would be a speck in the universe without the people I Iove.