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Today we share some pretty pictures from Marijke Roux’s baby shower, taken by the talented Rene Welthagen from Rachel Rene Photography. The special day was to spoil her soon to be firstborn Kate.

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“My shower was held on 17 May 2014 at my sister Yianna’s House in Pretoria East,” says Marijke.
“The girls was all so excited and the games was so much fun, the food, drinks everything was spectacular.”

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“My sister Yianna and my mom, Marianne, did all the decor, they make a great team! Yianna comes up with all the creative ideas, they then make whatever cannot be bought. My mom has a natural gift for arranging all the little extras into an amazing space and always creates an extraordinary atmosphere.”

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“The theme was actually not really anything specific, they started with the vintage bird chandeliers and it all snowballed into creative little things like the handmade birdcages as cupcake holders, handmade Turkish Delight, which is always an elegant touch to the sweet tooth in everyone. If you know my sister, elegance is the theme to everything! For lunch, they served assorted quiches and Greek salad, and for dessert there were two amazing cakes by Devine Delights.

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“What made the day extra special was to see how much effort and time was put into the day for our little girl and how much she was loved already and how much love everything was done with. That nothing was too much. No amount of money could come close to the love that has been poured into her day.”

Marijke’s baby’s name, Kate means pure, clean and innocent. “These characteristics were also a big part of the baby shower, to anoint the little one with her calling and the meaning of her name, so that she can walk in the steps that was laid out for her, and fulfill her calling here on earth.”

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“It is so important to document your baby shower. How can you not? First of all, Rene is such a talented photographer, even though she is my cousin, I will never use anyone else ever. She really captures moments and not just people. That for me is the most important thing in the world, especially in photos.

“People are just people, but the moments that people share, and the memories they create in a day like that, is what makes your life something to LIVE for. After all, to be able to look back to these photos and experience such a special day over again, and feel the love and friendship that I was surrounded by, that is what makes it worth it to have a photographer that can capture moments like Rene does.”

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Marijke has some advice for other new moms: “Your baby will be as calm as you are and as I told my husband, the most important thing to remember is babies do cry. Take every day and moment as it comes but most of all take in every moment and the tough ones will pass too.”

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Thanks so much to Marijke Roux for sharing about her baby shower, and to Rene Welthagen from Rachel Rene Photography for the precious photos.

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