Travelling with Baby (Part 1)

Globet(r)otting Luka 2

Ever thought of long distance travel with baby in tow? You know, the kind that includes airplanes, visa’s, hotels and all those other seemingly scary etceteras. Or does the mere thought give you cold sweaty shivers? No need to worry! That’s what this travel guide is for!

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Friday Fun: Baby Quotes

Snips and snails

Inspiring, heartwarming or just silly and cute, we love a good baby quote. Especially when it’s a pretty one that doubles as decor for the nursery. So we borrowed a few great quotes for little lads and ladies and had a bit of fun. We do hope you like them too!

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Wisdom Wednesday: 10 Super Baby Foods

baby food

There are many healthy, baby-friendly food lists out there, but unfortunately there isn’t a single Super Top 10 list to stick on the fridge. Even so, it’s important to make sure the baby foods they do eat are yummy and contain lots of nutrients. Here are ten of our favorite super baby foods.

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Picture Perfect: Whimsical Maternity Photo Shoot

Carlien Photography 1

Do a simple search of maternity shoots and you’ll soon find there are plenty of styles and themes to choose from. But if I had to be brutally honest, I’d have to admit to favouritism. I simply adore whimsical maternity photo shoots all wrapped in wonder. Simply put, a photo that speaks a thousand fairy tales. Those are the photos I really love.

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LlamaBoard: Monochrome Nursery


The black and white monochrome nursery trend has been around for a while now, but we still adore the simple yet bold unisex statement. Monochrome nursery decor seemed to have kicked off in Scandinavia and we found ourselves gawking for hours at some of their awesome interior blogs. So, to get those monochromatic ideas flowing, why not take a peek at what we found locally and abroad?

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