Wisdom Wednesday: 10 Super Baby Foods

baby food

There are many healthy, baby-friendly food lists out there, but unfortunately there isn’t a single Super Top 10 list to stick on the fridge. Even so, it’s important to make sure the baby foods they do eat are yummy and contain lots of nutrients. Here are ten of our favorite super baby foods.

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Wicked Wednesday: Sweet Halloween ideas


Tomorrow is Halloween so today we are doing something special and sharing some cute ideas in keeping with the theme. Your little ones will love the adorable pumpkin marzipan truffles, the screaming spice biscuits and the caramel pear mice. These recipes are used with permission from Foodnetwork. Don’t be scared to read on!

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LlamaBoard: Honey Bee Baby Shower

Bee Board 1

Expecting a little bundle of joy is one of the sweetest times in a woman’s life. Celebrating the wait with an uniquely sweet Honey Bee baby shower to match, would just make any mommy-to-bee the happiest ever.

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Llama Board: Cowboy party inspiration


Celebrate your little one’s birthday with a fun cowboy theme party. There’s so much you can do with cowboy hats, cute bunting and sweet and savoury treats – everyone will be shouting “hee haw” before the day is over!

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